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difference between measurement of surface tension and interfacial tension by Wilhelmy Plate Method

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When measuring surface tension between liquid and gas, we can using Wilhelmy Plate Method and can easily get most precise result

of surface tension. By when we measureing interfacial tension between liquid and fluid system, we can not achieve satisfied

result. If we measuring contact angle for liquid-fluid-plate(solid) system, we can find that contact angles for different liquid-

fluid system vary in many dimensions. It can change from about 15° to 120°. But by contrast , contact angles between different

liquids and gas system, thery are almost remain unchanged. Even if we using Young-Laplace equation correcting method for error

correcting, we also can not get more satisfied value of surface tension. So, Wilhelmy Plate Method and DuNoüy Ring Method is not

most suitable method for measuring interfacial tension between liquid and fluid.

So, most effective method for measurement of liquid-fluid system is drop shape analysis method based on ADSA. But, we should

remember that it is most important and necessary to saturated liquid2 with liquid1.

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