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Repairment and calibration of fisher's surface tenisometer

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where to repair and calibrate of fisher's surface tenisometer /tensiometry/ tensiomat model 21 and model 20?

USA KINO can repair broken torsion wire for you. If your surface tenisometer made by fisher is broken down, you can contact us for repairment. And we can calibrate you surface tensiometry for you to restore to the original precision.

Press here to download user manual of surface tensiometer model 20 and model21 made by Fisher.

Visit here to find out how to use surface tensiometer model 21 made by Fisher.

surface tensiometry Fisher Model 21

-Semiautomatic Tensiomat performs ASTM D 971-99a (oil-water interfacial tension procedures) and D 1331-89 (methods for measuring surface and interfacial tension of detergents)
-Employs du Noüy ring method for direct results with no calculations
-Accuracy equals data from capillary-height or drop-weight measurements to within ±0.25%
-Measures force necessary to separate platinum-iridium ring from liquid, read directly to ±0.25 dynes/cm
-For comparative studies, data is easily convertible to absolute values using graph in supplied instructions
-Reversible motor for improved accuracy compared to manual tensiometers 

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