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Our product information of surface tensiometer, interface tensiometer, contact angle meter, interface rheometercleanness analyzer by various kinds of measure method such as pendant drop, sessile drop, spinning drop, weigh based method, etc.
Excellent Drop Shape Analysis Based Interfacial Chemistry Measurement System
  products Excellent Drop Shape Analysis Based Interfacial Chemistry Measurement System
  model C60
  Description C60 Drop shape analysis system,including advanced around the world contour lens, parallel light background light, high-speed video system of 87-340 frame/second, and 4 generation Young-Laplace fitting method based CAST3.0 software
overview Application Feature Specification

C60 is drop shape analysis based system which focuses on measuring interfacial chemical properties. It can be used to analyze interfacial chemical characterizations like surface tension and its contributions (dispersive force, polar force), interface tension, surface free energy of solid and its contributions (dispersive force, polar force, hydrogen bond force, Lewis acid & base and more), interface rheology, interfacial viscosity, adhesive work, wetting line, wetting behavior via analysis of drop shape or lamella profile of drop / bubble that shaped on interface of liquid-gas, liquid-liquid, liquid-solid or liquid-liquid-solid. It also can be used to characterize / analyze / predict / describe various vital physical chemical properties, such as spreading, wettability, adhesion, absorption, competition, sedimentation, penetration, biocompatibility, foaming, solubilization and surface heterogeneity, as well as research of new material (super hydrophobic / hydrophilic material simulation), QC (analysis of surface cleanness).

Their modularized design makes tens of thousands of possible different combinations available, which are undoubtedly your above-all choice for your high measurement precision in interfacial chemical analysis. The integral instrument is consist of sophisticated optical mechanics, optical vision system, precision dosing system and professional interfacial chemistry analytical software CAST® 3.0. Global advanced telecentric lens, parallel background light, high-speed video system of 87-340 frame/second, precision positioning stages, and ADSATM based CAST®3.0 are all standard configurations, which provide you state of the art and most professional research conditions.

Note: CAST®3.0 consists of different software modules. Different functions rely on different modules clients purchase. 

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