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contact angle meter for measuring interfacial tension between fluorocarbon oil and water

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we used fluorocarbon oil with density about 1.88*103kg/m3 and surface tension about 16.5mN/m (at temperature about 20℃). We used drop shape analysis system- contact angle meter SL200K series to measure interfacial tension of fluorocarbon oil-water system and surface tension of fluorocarbon oil-air system based on pendant drop method. Calculating algorithm for pendant drop method is 4th generation of Young-Laplace equation fittinge method which named Axisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis method (ADSA-Realdrop).We found out that when measuring interfacial tension, liquid with low density must be saturated with liquid with high density.Otherwise, measuring value of interfacial tension differ very far from actual value. It is same to system for measurement of interfacial tension between benzene-water or alkane-water system. We will show you phenomenon and difference of saturated and non-saturated system one after the other in the next days. Visit to find more information about our contact angle meter, surface tensiometer or drop shape analysis system.

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