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contact angle meter and contact angle goniometer SL250 series

Contact angle meter SL250 series, developed by USA KINO in terms of its long-term experience, are standard drop shape analysis based interface chemical analytical instruments. SL250  serie can be modularized  as Static Contact Angle Meter and Dynamic Contact Angle Meter, Manual dosing system and Automatic Dosing system, Standard WVGA camera and  HD camera. You can get your special vesion by modularizing your contact angle meter model SL250 series. Sl250  uses CAST 3.0 based on ADSA-RealDrop which is completely different from other contact angle goniometers only with circle fitting, ellipse fitting or tangent method. ADSA-RealDrop method can meet 100% conditions of measuring contact angle based on 4th generation of Young-Laplace Equation Fitting method. And most of all, Sl250 will guarantee you most accpetable price in the world.  


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