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new video for surface tension meter under high pressure

contact angle meter model: SL200HP for surface tension/interfacial tension/contact angle analysis chamber for high pressure and high temperature
1, with 2 manual pistons, one for dosing liquid and other one for dosing bubble (SFT) or internal phase (fluid) (IFT)
2, measure method:Rising,pendent drop or Constrained Sessile Drop for IFT measurement, Sessile and Captive Contact angle for contact angle measurement"

Specification of instrument:

1, Max pressure: 69Mpa (690bar or 10,000Psi);

2, Max temperature: 200℃, heating or colding with water or ciruculor ( Related accessories such as circulor need to pay additionally.;

3, observation window:Ф18mm made of sapphire;chamber size:Ф18*50mm,internal volume: approx. 12.7 cc (mL);

4, Two manual pistons with pressure display device: one is used as sampling device to insert and form drops and other one is used for pressurizing embedding liquid or injection of a second liquid or bubble (internal phase) in chamber for interfacial tension measurements.;

5,Heating cell for high viscosity liquid (such as crude oil). Max temperature:200℃.; 2 liquid storage tank for two pistons.;

6,Pressure and temperature indication (analogue);8, material of chamber: 304 SS or similar; sample tube of chamber: PTFE (wetting material);9, spare accessories such as 2 high pressure values, high pressure capillary tube, fitting, and installation tool



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