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New Video of entry type surface tensiometer model A3

Entry type surface tensiometer model A3 made by USA KINO. Visit to find more information about our meter. This meter can be used to measure surface tension between liquid-gas or interfacial tension between liquid-fluid, and it can also be used to measure density of liquid and solid or can be used as a balance. This video shows to you most of these functions. And even more, it only costs you about 2,000-2,500 USD! A most competitive price with more funtions! Thank for its sensor -balance, it can provide higher precision than others such as fisher's tensiometer that used torque force. In this video, We also show you how to measure surface tension for a small volume of sample (about 1mL) to avoid the weakness of Wilhemy plate method that it need a large volume of sample to measure surface tension.




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