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Wanted agents or strategic cooperation around the world and to offer OEM or ODM services

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We are looking forwards to agents all over the world who are interested in interfacial chemistry instrument includes surface tensiometer, interfacial tensiometer and contact angle meter. We also offer OEM or ODM services. Strategic cooperation from  competitors is also acceptable.  Please contact us for more details.


USA KINO founded by Dr. Adward.AN, a leading supplier for interfacial chemistry analytical instrument, has deeply researched all techs in this field, and owns pretty core techs like ADSA, Young-Laplace equation fitting based Wilhelmy Plate Method, Spinning Drop Method. Its strategy investment company, Solon Tech (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, is rewarded as Shanghai high-tech enterprise and supported by the state ministry of science and technology and Shanghai science and technology innovation fund, which was also granted with "Shanghai high-tech achievements conversion project" certificate for its surface tensiometer, contact angle meter and spinning drop interfacial tensiometer. Global sourcing, leading, professional, always creative, KINO provides clients with most professional interfacial chemistry analytical solutions.

USA KINO has now successfully applied for patents, software copyright and CAST® trademark for interfacial chemistry analytical instruments with Weight-based Method, Drop Shape Analysis Method and Spinning Drop Method and furthermore, developed Young - Laplace equation fitting method based Wilhelmy Plate Method, RealDrop™, ADSA™ and more.

Recently, with high-speed cameras, USA KINO gave such pretty amazing shocks to the whole world, we not only unveiled bounce phenomenon of small droplet appeared on surface of super-hydrophobic lotus leaf, but also tested different bounce effect on surfaces with different hydrophilic angles. Our research will be a powerful tool for interfacial property characterization in the future. 

More leading, more professional, more creative, more study on interfacial chemical, and more secrets revealed about drops and bubbles, please expecting...

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