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Our product information of surface tensiometer, interface tensiometer, contact angle meter, interface rheometercleanness analyzer by various kinds of measure method such as pendant drop, sessile drop, spinning drop, weigh based method, etc.
Excellent Weight-based Interface Chemistry Analysis System
  products Excellent Weight-based Interface Chemistry Analysis System
  model A801
  Description surface and interface tensiometer A80 series is excellent weight-based interface chemistry analysis system with fastest update speed around world(92 data/s).It can surface & interface tension,dynamic contact angle,CMC,Langmuir-Blodgett film and more
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Surface and interfacial tensiometer model A80 series, focusing on meeting demands of high-quality and high-precision in research and measurement of interface chemical analysis. It’s designed for measurement of surface tension (ST) / interface tension (IFT) , analysis of equilibrium and dynamic contact angle (CA / DCA) of solid material, contact angle of powder and fiber, as well as measurement of critical micelle concentration (CMC) of surfactant, Langmuir-Blodgett film and more, which are all characterizations of interface chemistry.

It’s advanced among all of the equipment in the world with the highest update speed (92data/s) micro-analytical balance (0.01mg), precision vertical travel positioning stage controlled by stepping motor and digital temperature semiconductor sensor. The instrument advantages in such merits as simple operation, high precision and accuracy, higher data update speed, more sensitive reaction, more accurate positioning with resolution of 0.007μm and excellent quality.

A80 is equipped with CAST®1.0 which represents world leading weight based interface chemistry analytical system. SM01, its main software module, adopts 4 kinds of different surface / interface tension measurement methods (3rd generation Young-Laplace equation correction based Wilhelmy plate method, DuNoüy ring method and classical Wilhelmy plate method) as well as powerful data management. It can be used for measurement of middle to high viscosity materials (-10000CP), equilibrium and dynamic surface / interface tension, surface tension of surfactant and its CMC. In addition, with software module SM02 - contact angle analytical system, it can also be used for measurement of Wilhelmy plate method based dynamic / static contact angle, contact angle of single fiber or fiber bundle, as well as modified, extended and wicking Washburn method based contact angle of powder, surface free energy of solid and its contributions (dispersive force, polar force, hydrogen bond value), density, sedimentation and penetration speed, tensile force of single fiber, size-distribution analytical by sedimentation, Langmuir-Blodgett film, analytical balance, thermal analytical balance, water absorption and more.

Our international design, global sourcing and professional service provide you comprehensive, efficiency and professional solution in interface chemistry measurement, which represent the leading level of weight-based interface chemistry equipment. 

 surface tension meter and surface tensiometer

Video for measuring surface tension by KINO's tensiometer

effect of electrostatic at surface tension measurement using Wilhelmy plate method 

Do you still believe contact angle = 0 for Wilhelmy Plate method? -- wetting process of Wilhelmy plate method for measurement of surface tension 

difference of Wilhelmy Plate method from four company 


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