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Our product information of surface tensiometer, interface tensiometer, contact angle meter, interface rheometercleanness analyzer by various kinds of measure method such as pendant drop, sessile drop, spinning drop, weigh based method, etc.
heating circulator and super Thermostatic Bath
  products heating circulator and super Thermostatic Bath
  model CH series
  Description Super Thermostatic Bath is ther circulator that made in China. It has High Quanlity & Reasonable Price
overview Application Feature Specification

Super Thermostatic Bath is the heating circulator that made in China. It has High Quanlity & Reasonable Price.

- Microprocessor for precise temperature control.

- PID temperature control mode.

- Pt100 temperature sensor.

- Sensor-damage protection and over-temperature warning.

- Temperature fluctuation±0.05.

- Temperature display resolution0.1.

- Pump flow-rate8L/min.


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KeyWords of USA KINO: we are the manufacturer of surface tensiometer which is used to measurement of surface tension or surface tension of liquid/ and supplier of contact angle meter also named as contact angle goniometer for measurement of contact angle or contact angle between liquid-solid and expert of interfacial tensiometer which is used to measure interface tension interfacial tension by pendant drop method, sessile drop method, Wilhelmy plate method ,DuNouy Ring method and spinning drop method