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Our product information of surface tensiometer, interface tensiometer, contact angle meter, interface rheometercleanness analyzer by various kinds of measure method such as pendant drop, sessile drop, spinning drop, weigh based method, etc.
Full-Automatic Surface & Interfacial Tensiometer
  products Full-Automatic Surface & Interfacial Tensiometer
  model A201
  Description A201 is the standard type weight-based interface chemistry analytical system, incuding 3 method:classical Wihelmy Plate Method (Slide Wihelmy Plate Method), Modified Wihelmy Plate Method and DuNoüy Ring Method, and with weigh made by Mettler Toledo.
overview Application Feature Specification

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Measurement of surface tension (ST) / interface tension (IFT), analysis of equilibrium and dynamic contact angle (CA / DCA) of solid material, contact angle of powder and fiber, as well as measurement of critical micelle concentration (CMC) of surfactant and more are all characterizations of interface chemistry.

Series A20 - full-auto weight-based dynamic & static interface chemistry analytical system, equipped with world leading micro-analytical balance, high-precision positioning mechanism controlled by stepper motor, and digital semiconductor temperature sensor, are developed to meet the demand in interface chemistry measurement for high-precision control over the process of R&D and products’ quality. The instrument advantages in such merits as simple operation, high accuracy, complete function and excellent quality. It has powerful data management and covers three different measurement methods, which enable it to be applied extensively in measurement of dynamic / static surface tension (ST), interface tension (IFT), contact angle measurement of solid material, single fiber by Wilhelmy plate based method and Washburn-based method. International design, global sourcing and professional service provide you comprehensive and professional solution in interface chemistry measurement. Our instruments, with their obvious advantages, represent the leading level of weight-based interface chemistry equipment.

The latest upgraded model A201S (as shown in the picture) embeds professional customized portable control terminal, with which you can control your interface chemistry analytical process more conveniently. All data can be copied into your U-disk and printed out. Unexpected functions are all designed for you.

Series A20 from USA KINO cover the following variants and each part is stand-alone. The mainframe A201 is required to purchase no matter which variants of A20 series you need. Contact angle measurement modules of single fiber, weight-based method, Washburn method for powder are all available in series A60, but they are not included in the standard configuration.


Upgraded surface / interfacial tensiometer NEW


Surface / interfacial tensiometer


Auto-CMC module


Contact angle analysis based on weighing method


Contact angle analysis for powder


Single fiber / fiber bundle analysis


Customized surface chemistry analytical system

 surface tension meter surface tensiometer surface tension measurement instrument


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KeyWords of USA KINO: we are the manufacturer of surface tensiometer which is used to measurement of surface tension or surface tension of liquid/ and supplier of contact angle meter also named as contact angle goniometer for measurement of contact angle or contact angle between liquid-solid and expert of interfacial tensiometer which is used to measure interface tension interfacial tension by pendant drop method, sessile drop method, Wilhelmy plate method ,DuNouy Ring method and spinning drop method